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Turn off bed effects


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    Subject didn't make a lot of sense so I made it easier to find in a search.

    Thank you!


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    If you don't like beds, you could install a datapack that removes the bed's crafting recepie, or if there is, you could install a datapack that destroys all beds, in villages and other structures, or a datapack that doesn't allow the player to sleep at all

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    Malloon Tarka commented
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    Since my post was removed for being too similar to another post, probably this one (grumble grumble), I will post my ideas to nerf beds here.

    My problem with beds is that they make base building (besides a hole in the ground with your storage) more or less irrelevant. Like you said, it's far too easy to avoid monsters. My corrections to this are as follows:

    1) Beds speed up time instead of skipping it. This means you can choose between doing things in your base or waiting out the night doing nothing, with the latter speeding up the time until sunrise.

    2) As such, mobs still spawn even if you sleep. I think they should spawn around you like they used to if you sleep in darkness, making sleeping only possible in a light and fortified base.

    3) You can't sleep with less than 12 hunger points and due to time speeding up, you lose hunger points while sleeping. If you drop below 12, you're kicked out of bed. This forces players to be prepared before sleeping and necessitates a base that has farms or food storage.

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    Orithyus commented
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    Then just don't use beds. We all want beds.

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    Enders Host commented
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    Orithyus, a lot of people also want guns, that doesn't change the fact that it's unbalanced and completely takes away the 'survival' from survival mode.
    And to anyone that says that there are still survival challenges in the game. No, there are optional challenges, which does not make it a survival mode.

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    I have to agree, Enders. But I think that beds should stay. Instead of completely getting rid of beds, there should be a fatigue meter (a meter separate from the hunger one of course) that fills up the more you exert yourself doing stuff like fighting enemies, mining, etc. Sleeping, like it does in real life, should just restore your energy not completely skip a day. This feature almost completely makes hostile mobs like zombies, skeletons, and other mobs that burn in the day useless. Unless you're in a cave or another dark place, you won't come across these mobs unless it's also raining. Even in this situation, what prevents you from just digging a big enough hole, placing a bed and sleeping to avoid trouble?

    Edit: It might sound like an illogical reason to remove beds completely skipping days, especially if it keeps you from losing your items by dying from mobs like zombies and skeletons and spiders. The problem is though that these mobs added an inevitable challenge, and challenges in games are fun. Sleeping makes these mobs less of a problem and that can affect the survival aspect of the game.