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Scrap Leather Armor


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    Allissa Hunt commented
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    Leather armor loot. 

    This suggestion was hard to find buried in everything else!  I hope this gets seen more.  It's a needed change!!

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    BubbaDoodah commented
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    It would be great to have other uses for leather armor such as converting into picture frames.

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    Rex Masters commented
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    I've wanted to be ale to scrap leather armour and saddles from fishing for forever

    Even if we could break it down into "patches" of leather, then 9 patches make 1 leather piece similar to nuggets making ingots

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    J RK commented
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    I am not a hoarder. I'm practical. =)

    I hold onto older/damaged iron/gold goods. Once I have a tall stack of each, I'll smelt to recover nuggets. As neither material is affected by the Fortune enchant, every little bit helps. Though with that said keep in mind when farming cows for leather, the Looting enchant makes it easier to farm & the scrap process would only serve as a means of something to do with spare leather good


    For me there is no purpose for ever keeping a saddle or leather armor (aside aesthetics.) Now if I could convert that leather into some books, then that's an incentive to cache leather goods.


    I would keep small hides as is, but add leather scraps with 9 creating 1 leather. These scraps are harvested & combined at a one site. The caldron does not really make sense, the loom kind of fits, but there is always the option of a secondary supplementary profession item; a hide rack. The rack requires more work, but the loom would only need a UI adjustment. Potion making may utilize the cauldron even though it's profession is based off the brewing stand, so it's not far off to believe the loom could be used to combine leather scraps.

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    ChaseAce000 commented
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    Literally modding in "smelt leather armor -> yield 1 rabbit hide" would provide the same functionality as all the armor types sans diamond. (Idk how I'd feel about diamond "nuggets" though.)

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    Ednoria commented
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    This would also make it easier to craft bundles -- chasing down rabbits is fun for the first couple minutes, but kind of tedious after that!