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Minecraft Quest Mode


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    There would obviously be some sort of reference to tell the player the quest names, the rewards for completing said quests, and how to complete them. Maybe a new menu or reference book item that has a new GUI?

    (It might also be possible to share recipes across players too for a shared multiplayer quest...)

    (And depending on the world, there might be chest loot that can aid you if you find it before unlocking the respective recipe)

    Maybe make it so some quests have or can require multiple criteria, whether they be related or seperate from each other. (More freedom for challenges)

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    It's a cool idea, it just seems like that would take way to long to make.

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    GamerAJ1025 commented
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    I think this would be better as a ‘recipe book’ type thing where in order to craft certain items you need to acquire a recipe book for that ‘category’ of items e.g stone tools. These recipes can be found throughout the world by looting chests, killing mobs or trading with villagers to name a few. These recipes are important to move ahead in this difficulty setting and in order to progress, the player has to really make the most of what they have. Either that or it is based around crafting tiers. For example, the recipe for planks, sticks, wood and stone tools, a crafting table and furnace are tier 1. By finding a recipe book they unlock the next level of items which include iron gear, shears, buckets, paper, books, a fishing rod and bow, a fence, glass and also concrete.