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The Dungeon Dimension


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    So pretty much like a boss rush? I really like the idea. Maybe the walls can be mined (Yes, I like that idea, but it's a little overpowered, don't you think?), but if you walk into a mined area, you get the withering (and maybe slowness?) effect, and can also fire off traps.

    I think combat against mobs in a context like this, it would be a pretty cool alternative to mining, considering how combat against mobs (especially with the new and proposed combat features) is pretty fun compared to mining in a straight line for hours on end. So, the reward could be an exclusive item plus a few ores per dungeon.

    Ores could be planted into the dungeons so that you can mine them for the ores, but you have a risk of setting off a wall trap (see below).

    A ton of trap ideas (18!) in this Pastebin.

    Maybe when you die in a dungeon your items scatter at your spawn point (so you still have to pick them up, annoying, right?!), you lose all the ores you collected in the dungeon, and you're ejected from that dungeon. And when you enter the dungeon, it's a different dungeon from the one that you were in last.

    Wow, that was a lot of brainstorming. Sorry, I got carried away, but I hope you like my ideas.