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Move Villagers by Calling Their name


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    samgsxbox commented
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    Hi M8 commented
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    Thats Sound cool but what if you name it a player name and you need to chat with that player it would be a mess 

    it a great ide but could be inproved on XD


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    Hi M8 commented
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    OOOH ! i know a command like /CallVillager (Come,Trade,ext..) (Nameofvillager) if villgers have same name the first one becomse exampel Mark and Mark2 

    Come : You call the villger to come to you

    Trade: the villger come to you can when it is close enoth the trade interface opens

    maybe something like that?

    with more options 

    like insult,gossip,compliment,ext.. with dose diffrent thing like inult make them dislike you more med gossip about you and compliment dose the same but good gossip 

    and gossip make you abel to choose bad or good gossip but about any player or tell about a iron golem that is close or tell about trades exstra

    just an ide