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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things - these will be marked as spam and removed! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways"/"upright"/"standing" slabs (yes, we see you).


Stonecutter Statues


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    Michael Rymut commented
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    I like this idea. However, I think that you can make parts of statues like an arm, baseplate, ect. Then put the pieces in the crafting table to get your statue.

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    Eric Bambrick commented
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    you should be able to use the stone statues as armor stands too. i would love to have some prismarine guardians!

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    James L commented
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    I like the idea of single block mob statues that can be used as toppers for fountains or decoration for buildings, although multi-block ones the size of actual mobs would also be pretty cool. You could use them to represent beasties turned to stone by magic or some unknown critter as yet unseen!