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Wandering Traders Should Travel


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    Since that's not really your point here, I've modified your title to make it waaaaaay easier for people to find.

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    I've never thought about this issue more specifically until you brought it up. It's odd because the mob's data contains behavior to "travel" to specific coordinates (Wandering Trader - Data Values). However, the problem may obviously be that the wandering trader's destination is never "far enough" from where it spawned. This might be an intentional game design, given that only one wandering trader can spawn and exist at a time in a world, and the spawning and despawning in different locations adds to the illusion of one wandering trader traveling and reencountering the player.

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    (dividing my long comment into two):

    I can agree with you how strange it looks though. It would look more interesting if the trader had a more straight path somewhere in the distance, rather than just pacing around its spawnpoint. Going off in the distance could also add to the urgency of trading with the mob before it despawns, and it could improve the illusion by distancing the trader from the player, making look like it's not about to despawn, but leaving the player for a time before "respawning" from its journey.