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Weapon Classes and New Weapons


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    It should just be Minecraft Close Combat. Also I don't like the stun (If stunned you cannot move or do anything) feature because it overall breaks the game and it is annoying. But I do like that kind of idea where close combat has different types.

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    Mc_Shadow 423 commented
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    I would like to see dual wielding

    And also skills for each type of weapon

    Like for sword how about spinning slice


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    Make a spearhead a craftable item than atach it to 2 sticks

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    Absolutely love this idea!! This would make an excellent addition to Minecraft.

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    What if you also added some ranged weapons. Like a slingshot that classified as a ranged blunt weapon because it would shoot stone, gravel, or maybe a new craftable pebble. Bows and Crossbows could be classified as ranged pointed weapons. There could be a tomahawk that classifies as a ranged edged weapon. This would make it so you don't need crazy ranges on the melee weapons, and you could instead use some of the ranged weapons when you're at a distance.

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    BryleStyles commented
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    I support the idea of categorizing these types of weapons. It should come with the combat update they have been working on the side.

    As to the comment regarding slingshots, I do find having a blunt ranged weapon as an opportunity.

    Instead of stunning, a disorienting effect to the opponent's screen could work.

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    Rickybuilding commented
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    There Should Also Be An Magic Class with potions and new weapons like Wands and staffs the Wands will be crafted a shovel recipe but a ender pearl at the top. An staff is the same with and end crystal on top.

    The Staff can shoot explosive balls of fire also it can make an blue glow around you which when your standing still will protect you from all damage.

    The Wand can summon an magic warrior that can hit and do 30 damage but only lasts 1 day and you can only summon it every 5 days

    When a wand breaks it will give you an magic stick that does 20 damage 

    When A Staff breaks it will give you an end crystal that when placed will shoot rays that wither all mobs