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Pick Tool


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    Kaden Zarowny commented
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    Yes please

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    Yetenol commented
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    What do think about that idea:
    Instead of adding a new key binding, just modify the existing 'Pick-block' functionality a bit.

    Clicking 'Pick-block' with a tool in the main hand (pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe) will switch to the correct mining tool in the hotbar. If none available it gets swapped with a suitable tool from the inventory.

    If you are already holding a suitable mining tool, circle through similar tool from the entire inventory. For instance use 'Pick-block' to switch between your Silk Touch and Fortune pickaxes.

    Clicking 'Pick-block' with an empty hand or other item works as beforehand.

    This ways our hotbar doesn't get filled with tools and we don't have to open the inventory so often.