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Wandering Trader should NOT drop his Leads when they break


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    They should as it is like already intended to do that

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    wildkatt1360 commented
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    I mean, unless you love wasting emeralds, the wandering trader’s not good for anything but free leads. And seeing as how they’re relatively cheap to make (one slime ball & four string) giving a player two leads isn’t gonna break the game anytime soon, much less ever.

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    i think that this is a horrible idea. for people who settled nowhere near any swamp biome or are new so they cant kill slime, that would make really hard to herd animals. if the player is near a swamp biome and has played enough to kill a slime, the recipe is really cheap, there is going to be no BOOM TNT EXPLOSION MINECRAFT IS DELETED WERE ALL GONNA DIE if we steal some leads, so i would say we should keep this feature.