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Pillager wars


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    Redfox205 commented
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    I really like the idea but i think most people think it would ruin the game.
    If i may suggest, to keep things balanced, they should only spawn with stone weapons and leahter armor.This would not make them to powerful yet still useful, also once tamed their armor could be dyed any color, so players could defirentiate armys. They could be upgraded with new weapons amd armor at players cost. They should spawn in a small castle with some loot. The 3 behavior modes suggested are really good ideas. Only that when following they cannot teleport. If the player got on horse or boat and there is another nearby they could use it to follow player. The taming could be by giving them a random amount of emeralds.

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    OAndB123 commented
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    I agree there should be a way to hire/own pillager outposts and their forces and patrols.