New Lurker Mob


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    Idea for a unique drop: An ingredient for a luck potion, since those can't yet be obtained in survival, and the lurker would be an uncommon find in a very specific height range.

    The ingredient itself could be relating to ore, like some diamond dust for example - something unobtainable otherwise, yet makes sense for a "miner turned undead" to have. (And since luck would be obtained from being underground, maybe have it also stack with fortune (and maybe looting) on top of fishing)

    Of course, this is just one possibility. Since miners (or just the underground in general) have valuable items like gems, this seemed fitting.

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    Idea for unique attack: as you called it a lurker a shucker poped in my mind so why not give it a bit of shulker aspect it has tiny bug look texture here and there and accaiognly it fire a odd looking shulker bullet or lurker bullet which gives you blindness and levitation and that way we can have more mystery to the caves figure out how it got there in the first place? Is the lurker from the end or is the shulker the bug which crawls on the lurker?