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Armor equipping shortcuts


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    Moved to proper category.

    Clarified subject to help search results.

    Thanks for your contribution.

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    fourpool commented
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    I don't see why armor can't be swapped by right-clicking ("use" key) the same way equipping works. It would make it so much less hassle to swap out your diamond boots for golden boots when going into the nether (or vice vers)  just using an armor stand and an item frame.


    1. Place your sword (or any other tool) in an item frame. This is to temporarily give you a free hand.
    2. Right-click the golden boots on the armor stand to pick them up.
    3. Turn away from the armor stand & right-click to swap your boots.
    4. Right-click the armor stand again, this time putting your diamond boots on the armor stand.
    5. Left-click the item frame to take back your sword/tool.

    This would be faster and more natural without having to use the inventory GUI.

    Please add it!

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    InfiniteNex commented
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    Yes! Swaping chestplates and elytra by just rightclicking on them when held in the hotbar. Just like we normally equipe them when there is an empty spot.

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    SightNinja commented
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    If you can swap items between hands just by pressing f, you should be able to swap chestplate and elytra (or other types of armor) just by right clicking imo. Huge oversight imo and I hope it gets added.

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    eagerPVPBoi commented
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    It is a really good feature in bedrock edition , and helps a lot during pvp If this feature would actually come in java edition then while falling from a high place , you could quickly swap to elytra ,Please add this to java Edition It would be a LIFESAVER

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    Kitsune LK commented
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    As mentioned here already, this is available in Bedrock edition. It's a very useful feature and I was shocked to find it was not already in Java. this is another Parity feature