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Quartz Used in Common Crafting


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    Perhaps it could come from the product of 9 quartz blocks crafted together being smelted down into something like 'essence of quarts'

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    Zaphi Xeus commented
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    Quartz could be way more useful both for creative and survival.

    According to Wikipedia:

    Quartz is used for coatings and floors, to make scientific optical devices but also to create the bulbs of halogen lamps. A very common but often ignored use is that quartz is reduced to very fine sand and used as a raw material to make glass.

    Therefore an improvement could be use Quartz to craft Quartz Sand/Powder and smelt that to obtain Glass, also it can be used to craft a different type of Lamp.

    For creative it can be combined with Amethyst (a purple quartz) to craft a Rose Quartz - Says another post: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360075897152-Amethyst-Quartz-Purple-Quartz-Blocks