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ChunkLoader NBT tag for armor stand


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    or rather than having the full chunk loaded, which might be a little resource heavy, have the entity stay loaded.

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    SlovakSmile commented
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    this isnt bad idea because we can then create datapack that have armor stands as chunk loaders

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    Rather than being specific to armor stands, how about allowing it to be applied to any entity? Chunk-loading minecarts would be awesome for long-distance item transportation.

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    Yas!!! I'm trying to dynamically teleport players between worlds (with arbitrary names) and the thing I'm stuck on is loading an arbitrary chunk to teleport an armor stand to so I can then teleport the player to the armor stand.

    Sidenote: If I was able to directly insert scoreboard values into the tp command or modify the player nbt directly, then I wouldn't need to use armor stands to teleport the player.