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Pillagers should raid us too


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    Not a personal fan of the idea. What if your base build includes wooden doors for the aesthetic design? That would kind of ruin it. Besides, how would the game even recognize a player built base? It's far easier for structures the game itself generated. And the idea that they can steal your stuff? Imagine you died during the raid and all of your backup gear was taken. What then? And as for the camp... that would have to be pre-generated I believe, so you'd have to find the closest one, wherever that may be. Dont get me wrong. I DO like the idea, being more opted towards the combat aspect of Minecraft, but I just dont think it will fit in the base game, or possibly even work well.

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    Mainlaser105 commented
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    Only in hard mode tho


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    Would make it more challenging and force us to build walls and defense. Maybe only a certain gamemode?

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    Maybe instead of Bad Omen working how it does now, it triggers a raid when you're near a bed? (this won't break the village raids because the village houses have beds now) Just a suggestion.

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    I like the idea of this- and have a few things to add.

    -There is a new kind of thieving pillager.

    -There are also unbreakable chests in all pillager outposts. When the pillager despawns, the items will go into a chest at the nearest outpost until the chests are full. Then items stop being collected.

    --The more full the pillager outpost chests are, the more pillagers spawn there

    --In easy and normal mode, these chests can be raided by players normally.
    --In hard mode, these chests can only be opened using a key, which are a pillager drop

    -It takes longer to take a block than to take from chests, but pillagers wielding axes should be able to switch to pickaxes to help. Only a certain number of pillagers can work a block at a time. The time it takes scales with block value

    -Pillagers take more time going through fuller chests

    --In easy mode, only one of the new pillagers can pick up items, and he has a limit to how much he can carry. He's not efficient at finding treasure. A damaged block is reset if all pillagers stop harvesting it. Old pillagers will attack if hit while collecting a block

    --In normal mode, the new pillager's AI is better, and he holds more. 

    --In hard mode normal pillagers act like easy mode thieves. A damaged block is reset when the player breaks the block and places it again. Any pillager carrying items will get a backpack, and drop those items upon death

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    Mineking8121 commented
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    Now that's what I call a challenge for combat skills and basics!


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    Wehushi Sushi commented
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    Not an fan of this idea because when building you don't want to use iron doors that often

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    Haruneko125 commented
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    Perhaps they could raid you if you have banners, which would stop them from spawning nearby with the exception of a raid.