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Body Parts in Combat


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    BipedEmu3 commented
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    Aiming for different vague areas for different advantages sounds good (For example, "Upper body" or "Lower body"), but the last paragraph, especially biting and aiming for testicles, wouldn't really fit into Minecraft. It's ESRB rating is E10+, for "Fantasy Violence": The violence in Minecraft is technically there, but it's indiscreet and not in great detail. When you punch something, your player model has a vague animation of your arm swinging (The same one used for destroying, placing, and using objects of just about any kind), then the receiver of the punch gets knocked back a bit, has a red tint as a simple indicator of taking damage, and loses however much health. It's not supposed to be visually in detail, it's supposed to be a less gruesome take on something that would otherwise have a much higher ESRB rating, and if a player wants it to be more gruesome / detailed, they can let their imagination fill in the holes.


    A "Pulling" move that drags an opponent towards you at close range could be a good addition if done right, even if fishing rods sort of do that job already. It barley even requires an animation, and could possibly change combat in a functional way. It could also possibly be used outside of combat, maybe as a way to guide players / mobs you don't want to hit, or as a utility in Creative mode.