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Give more depth to endermen in combat


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    I like this idea, definitely makes Enderman more of a challenge

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    I like this idea.

    An enderman should teleport in front of the player, but just at the moment before it attacks, the enderman teleports behind.

    Agree of the higher attack reach, their long arms have a lack of sense rn. 

    Like the idea about the power of teleporting entities too. First, new mechanics. When aggravated, it could teleport the player at some blocks of height so it also recieves fall damage. But even with cooldown, endermen farms would be broken, since lots of them would teleport you at a time.

    They could increase - but a little bit - health and damage, kind of 48 health and 8 damage in normal difficulty. I'm not such a big fan, because their power would assimilate the enderdragon's and they'd be very hard to deal in warped forests, for example. 

    But endermen would be awesome with these ideas. You have my vote.

    Another thing: You pointed out "regenerate a bit of health". Only a few mobs can do this and it would be a nice addition to the game. 

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    Good idea! Along with structures and caves, one thing Minecraft needs is smarter mobs!


    Verdict: You have my vote - a sound idea with thought put in.

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    I think that the enderman would just lean forward to follow the player under two-block high roofs. I also think that there should be a purely neutral enderman mob, which would be smarter than the others and not spawn on the main end island or in the nether. It might have a different colour of eyes (ie. green) or something.