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Large Oak Forest


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    Bro, imagine trees with the diameter of 4 woodland trees and the height of a regular spruce tree times 10

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    DocProc64 commented

    @PurpleHearts133 That would be so perfect.

    But I don’t think Mojang would ever scrap their current worldgen for the kind of worldgen seen in current mods, no matter how perfect it is. A large oak forest would be sick though. I’m just talking about those uncommon “large oaks” you see around Minecraft, that have all the sideways logs in em

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    Ramen Naruto commented

    Different variants of large oak forests would also be cool. I know oaks are mainly green trees, but they could also be made to mimic autumn maple forests (with red, orange, and yellow leaves), or even dead forests (no leaves at all) through different variants. It could be similar to how the Taiga biome has numerous variants to mimic other types of forests such as redwoods.