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Villager Ageing


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    Sorry to say this but we don't like seeing villagers died.How about they turn into old Nitwit Villagers when they get old. Its good to see that villagers don't die because of their age.Lets just call it retirement.

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    I would like ths idda of retired villagera

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    mindal1 commented
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    I think 5 hours is too short. They need at least 24 hours or more.

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    I posted something similar "villager growth and advancements" go check it out if you'd like. I think villagers should live over 3 MC years (what if you had a master). In my request villagers would be able to trade rarer things as they advanced in life

    Day 1- baby

    Day 2- student (trades start)

    Day 3- Intern

    Day 4+- Adult

    This would keep villagers little longer but the older they get they would provide rarer trades