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Expanded hotbar with a hotkey


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    RellikPD commented
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    This is pretty much the only reason I use the off-hand... Inventory management. I keep a "much needed" item in my offhand so I always know where it's at and/or can switch to easily.

    You're idea would basically nonuple my access to usable/needed items. I like it +1


    And not only commenting and voting on your idea as an attempt to advertise mine, But I feel as they are semi related (inventory management) So, If you Feel like it/get a chance, could you check out mine? I'd put a link here, but I don't know if that's allowed AND, like I said, I'm not actually here to advertise mine. 

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    This would be a fantastic and easy way to address the growing number of tools and items in the game. It would be extremely useful to be able to switch between similar tools (e.g. swap between Silk Touch and Fortune pickaxes, or swapping ranged weapon between a bow and a trident), without having to take up multiple valuable hotbar slots. It would also be nice to be able to flip a hotbar slot between two variants of a building block (e.g. cracked and regular stone brick) while building.

    The hotkey could be unbound by default if confusing new players is a concern, but this would greatly improve the late-game experience for more advanced players.