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Minecraft Bubble Chat


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    RellikPD commented
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    Some servers have "global" or "local" types of chat systems, but, again, That is dependent on the server, the version they are running, and if they even care to do so.

    A built in bubble system would be great!

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    Hilmy091 commented
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    Minecraft's current chat makes you look at a UI at the bottom left corner which in my opinion is unnatural and not immersive. Chat bubbles would make it just a bit better so I agree with this.

    The usual chat UI should be reserved for commands and messages you sent and should disappear later instead of scrolling upwards.

    Options for "Chat bubbles only" and "Hide chat bubbles" would be nice too.

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    TheBest PH commented
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    There should be a toggle setting on this chat bubble feature. It could affect the game's performance or you dont just like it