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Sound Device Output Options


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    RellikPD commented
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    I've lamented about this so many times, you have no idea. We have Minecraft on just about every system you can think of. What I most like about the console versions (PS4 for example) is that you can switch between headphones and the TV just by plugging your headphones in or out of the controller. And if you have wireless ones you can do the same thing by switching them On or Off. 

    I play primarily on the PC. And this is a VERY irritating issue for me because I am disabled, and spend a lot of time on the computer I have several different types of headphones (mostly for comfort reasons, but there are other reasons as well). And if I want to switch between wired headphones, my wireless headphones, or my TV speakers... I have to close the entire game and restart it. It's annoying when playing single player and INFURIATING when playing online or LAN.

    I know this is a limitation of the operating system, for a program that is running to switch audio devices. But if it was built in to the game to allow us to do this it wouldn't be! 
    DO know it's possible, because some other games I've played allowed you to switch audio output/input devices while the game was running.


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    Please Just add some way to change output or update audio device. This would be worth a butt ton of diamonds.

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    Anth0ny1121 commented
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    This is a good idea!

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    I agree to this! I've been facing the same drawback recently and whew, I'm not alone!

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    no smily commented
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    please do it