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Allow CustomModelData from multiple resource packs


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    Bryce Looms commented
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    It's dumb that CustomModelData doesn't work this way!

    Models with the same path should merge, with array/list items being appended based on the resource pack order. Any predicate collisions would be won by the highest resource pack in the list like usual. 

    Then to further reduce the chance of collisions, predicates could have a "custom_model_namespace" property that works alongside "custom_model_data". This way multiple packs could use the same CustomModelData number without much issue.

    If all of this makes load times longer when having multiple resource packs with the same files, well that's the trade off you deal with for heavily modding your game.

    With all that said, real custom items/blocks/menus would be infinitely better!

    And while you're at it, implement a proper scripting language for datapacks, because commands are driving me crazy!


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    MoFloh04 commented
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    There could be an option in the model.json to only add the custom model data overwrites but not the original texture and don't replace overwrites from other packs

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    Knife Licker commented
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    It'd be nice if the datapack itself could just contain the custom resources/models instead of requiring the player to install two separate things in two separate locations.

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    KatKitten9794 commented
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    1000% this. Trying to make datapacks that rely on custom model data is totally hit or miss, purely because if any other pack the user has installed happens to use the same item as a base, one or the other is going to break. You shouldn't have to have the average player use external merging tools for this.

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    Lasercraft 32 commented
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    I agree, it would be nice. One question... how would they even do this?