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Allow scripts cross platform


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    Gus Olson commented
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    Does this include Xbox 1 and Ps4?

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    TehcGamer commented
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    I believe this would be an awesome feature to implement! I am already making scripts for my minigame server, but it appears I cannot use the scripting API on my Xbox One, thus forcing me to test it with Windows 10. It would be great if every platform could experience this feature! It's possible to add this to mobile devices, as the app creator of "BlockLauncher" has accomplished this by using Javascript(The new Modding API's scripting language). I really hope this will be on every platform that Bedrock Edition runs on so I can host my minigame server for every player on every platform to play with my mod applied.

    Also, yes @Gus Olson this probably will. If they're going to make this available on every platform, then it will include Xbox One and PS4.

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    Ramboyi commented
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    Well right now scrpts are only supported on windows 10 so when I say cross platform I mean everything Xbox android switch anything that has the minecraft bedrock version on it. 

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    Lazerlifee commented
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    I want cross platform please 

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    RussNufc1252 commented
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