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Stackable Soups


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    PastaOnPizza commented
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    Don't know. This would make soups kinda overpowered, as you can already just take with you both type of mushrooms (or the items to whatever soup you want) and after you eat the soups you can use them on a crafting table with the same bowls.

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    moise122 commented
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    yes, and also stackable suspicious stew, becuase is the best food


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    I like this idea and think it fits well with the combat snapshots. I completely agree with you and can only come up with one possible complaint against it that it would make suspicious stews easier to tell which is which but still I don't think its that bad. Some might say that it makes suspicious stews overpowered but they say the same eith stackable potions and I disagree. I only think that they should only stack to 16 rather than 65 making them even more like potions and not overpowered

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    iSkepticalHD commented
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    If I really wanted to, I could stack soups to IRL