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Armor Bar Change Colors Depending on the Armor You're Wearing


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    This would be a little complicated but if implemented could greatly improve pvp

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    PushedCoot46 commented

    That is a super cool idea!  Thanks for the votes and comments.

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    I think having the armor bar match with whatever armor variant is worn is a good idea.  However, I have to agree with the first comment that mixtures may be a little too complicated.  I think if there was a combination of armor involved, the game should just round the armor points to whatever level matches a fully matching suit of armor.  For example, if the player wore a mix of gold and iron armor, it would round up the armor points to either full iron or full gold for the visual bar based on which is closest to the toughness of the combination.

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    Blast Burner commented

    Or maybe it could change to the default colors.