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Add Java UI option in Bedrock


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    Discussed this with a teammate, we decided it could be either but is likely to have most success in the User Interface, Input Methods and Menu Options  category. :) Thanks for your contribution.


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    makoto11546 commented
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    I’m voting for it ! Or the same as Java Edition or maybe a better UI than the actual one.

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    Onidotmoe commented
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    Yes, similar to how you already can use Classic GUI inside the Bedrock settings menu

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    Sangheili11 commented
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    for me even java UI in the menu is a little better although can be tweak because of the options some of the adddons have

    Java UI

    Bedrock UI

    Bedrock with Java Addon

    and thats the problem i have using a 1920 X 1080 for some reason the screen is huge but not only that for the bedrock UI is requires you to scroll 20+ addons while a Resource pack on java ui is divided 

    another small note
    this is one of the few complaints why having some or tweaking it a little for at less us on pc
    Full screen 0

    Full screen -1

    because you have it set to auto size instead of what the native monitor resolution is using, it causes a problem..