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furnaces (all 3 types) only accepting smeltable items


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    Yes, I just want to clarify that this feature is highly required for any HOPPER BELT CONVEYOR!

    → Being able to filter out smelt-able items first in ANY type of farm is of very very high value.

    Current problem: When you add smelter/furnace to your hopper chain, it immediately gets blocked because items that can't be smelted fall in.


    (This really needs all the upvotes it can get)



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    Items that the furnace can't smelt should go into the top slot, then get rejected and go into a hopper below if there is one.
    If there isn't one, the item will never enter the furnace.

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    Onidotmoe - Changing the hopper and furnace interaction to work the way you described is not feasible IMHO (from a programmers standpoint it's possible but with to many changes and downstream effects I think. The furnace shouldn't suddenly need information from blocks around it that can influence it's behavior. In this context only hoppers do that, but no block they interact with do that by themselves (chests, barrels, etc.)).

    If, on the other hand, the furnace would get a second output slot where it'd immediately put non smelt-able items from the input slot, a hopper below the furnace could pull smelted items and the non smelt-ables from it.

    But my preferred option is a whole other deal:

    Change the furnace so that if it is powered directly (redstone repeater or direct line of redstone dust) the input hoppers get switched -> Fuel from above and smelt-able items from any side. Plus of course the input slot not accepting non smelt-able items and neighboring hoppers not being disabled by the powered furnace (this change might not be a good idea).

    This way the furnace could actually be used as (possibly very slow) filter for non smelt-able items.

    Or don't change the furnace at all and just allow item frames to turn hoppers into filters -> [<insert link to other feedback request here>]