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Add option to toggle clear hotbar button


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    MaydayDee commented
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    I second the heck out of this. I have tourettes so I happen to press many buttons repeatedly all the time. I only ever play in creative to test out redstone ideas so I always have the same components on my hotbar and it's getting really annoying to replace them.

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    Nanaman commented
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    My 5 year old loves Minecraft to death, and creative is his favorite mode, and we have been hitting this a lot too.

    He has now on about a half dozen or more occasions (that I witnessed at least) accidentally cleared his hotbar while in this menu in creative mode, and this last time he totally melted down and called the game the worstest and started sobbing uncontrollably. Minecraft is definitely his favorite game right now, so to get him to swing that hard on it I think shows how brutal this can be on a kiddo.

    Also both my wife and I have also accidentally cleared his hotbar with trying to help him, so I don't think it's limited to just kids. I would also love to totally unbind that hotbar clear option in creative as Joel suggested.

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    Linsle commented
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    Minecraft is my sons favorite game but he’s almost 6 and still not a great reader. He loves playing in creative and is turning out to be quite the builder. It takes a long time for him to find all the items he needs for his builds because he can’t read yet. On many occasions, we have accidentally wiped his bar while trying to help him but it’s the worst when he does it to himself or loses a map which can never be recovered. Yesterday, he was deep into building and cleared his bar by accident. He cried so hard, he wanted to delete the game and just lay with me whimpering for a long time. We just wish we could clear the binding at the least but even clearing the Y bind doesn’t do it. This seems to only to be an issue on Switch in creative mode.

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    I agree with this. There have been times where I have thought I selected an item e.g. a stack of coal and I want to say take 10 coal from that stack but I haven't selected it and instead of pressing X to take one I press X and it clears my hotbar so an option to toggle this would be great.