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The Merchant (bonus: balanced locked chests)


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    Cattster commented
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    This is a very well thought out idea! I love it. As you explained it solves the locked chests discussion perfectly. And it enslaves the wandering trader which is awesome! I hope this gets more votes. I would love to see this implemented into the game

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    Haruneko125 commented
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    Merchants should have the ability to unlock new trades, but only by interacting with villagers. They should also keep their ability to turn invisible, and wander larger distances from their workstation than normal villagers, Merchants will also interact with pillagers, witches, and wandering traders. Having a merchant will classify your home as a village in terms of raids, and the merchant will increase the likelihood that witches, pillager patrols, and wandering traders will spawn. The witches and pillagers spawning near a merchant will be neutral.(they came to trade, not fight)

    The vault should have more storage capacity, and a merchant should claim its vault. (so you can't use it) The merchant may also trade anything it had in its vault for emeralds, and trade emeralds for things it doesn't. (in addition to it's wandering trader trades)

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    Shmilding commented
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    I'd absolutely love to see this, since I like terraforming, but the gathering of dirt is difficult and annoying, plus it ruins another part of my worlds that I really want to be nice. Having a merchant with a podzol trade would be just splendid, even if it's a bit slow. Actually I just got an idea to maybe add a gardener villager, but i'll take what I can get :)