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Auto replace broken pickaxe when it is broken


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    BuilderJayMC commented
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    Just shift click it into your hotbar...?  It's not that hard, it only takes like two seconds.

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    @BuilderJayMC He thinks that would be a waste of time. I'm pretty sure he didn't give an example of it. Your Iron Pickaxe is broken, Your Inventory automatically replaces the broken one to the next Iron Pickaxe in your inventory to your hand, like Total Miner: Forge on Blocks and Items.

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    I would also very much welcome this function!
    In my case not for tools but for building blocks so that you can, for example with large areas, simply continue without having to reload at the end of the stack.

    Currently I'm looking for a mod that fulfills this requirement but unfortunately the only one I found doesn't work.