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Villager trade writted books


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    maybe hints about the game (stuff like: lava smelts 100 blocks)

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    HiveOfBeez26 commented
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    Maybe some could be full of clues that would lead you to treasure (like the maps) or have some that troll you with cool sounding titles then have them full of nonsense!

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    Hi M8 commented
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    maybe there exist a special number of book that you have a chanse to buy from diffrent village and they can be from nonsen to small stories 

    only bought by the librarien ofcures

    sorry for my spelling

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    Haruneko125 commented
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    perhaps they could be lore related, like records of early encounters with players and how common they used to be, an ancient story about an encounter with the wither, (which would explain red sand blocks) or even a story from the time pillagers and villagers lived together...

    Or they could be useless but funny fables about cats and creepers or something.