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Iron Golems should have a patrol schedule.


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    kSwift4017 commented
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    Are you into coding?

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    rimercado02 commented
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    As someone suggested in a different post, iron golems should be able to be repaired by blacksmith villagers so what I'm thinking is that along with patrolling the village, they should also go to the village center during villager meetings and if there is a blacksmith villager, doesn't matter what career, they would "repair" the iron golem(s), bringing them back to full health, and once the meeting is over, the iron golem(s) would go back on their normal patrol routes.

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    LoyalSwan commented
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    I think that iron golems should also note where there are mobs and more frequently go there instead of places with no mobs. They highest priority should be zombies damaging villagers. Iron golems will abandon what they were doing and fight to zombie that is attacking the villager.