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Fog Settings


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    LinsaFTW commented
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    It would be nice to have a graphic setting that does this :)

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    SAAA TM commented
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    I'd second this but with a different approach: currently Minecraft has implemented greater render distances but lost the fog that was in older versions, say betas or early 1.x.

    What you see is either crisp like it was in front of you or either very foggy near the edge of the render distance. It's easy to notice this in any map flying up and looking at the edge: you see perfectly for 90% of the screen then there's a really step fog that grays out into nothing only at the very edge.

    This approach isn't ideal as it doesn't help with perspective and doesn't imitate the real world were atmosphere does whiten up farther objects, make them less saturated etc. Check out articles on atmospheric perspective to get what I mean.

    Implementing a fog slider would work like this: with 0 you have literally no fog, all is visible till the edge of the render, increasing values stretch the fog from render edge to your current position, say 50 would mean halfway to you position, with 100 fog starts literally from you nose.

    This won't affect much current gameplay if you implement the fog linearly increasing from starting point to the edge, so even with 100 setting the first chunks will look the same but halfway trough it will be much more noticeable, farther it will even hide things and blend to the border.