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Inventory slots "remember" what item was last in it


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    Megalo DAB commented
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    Really good idea. This would be super useful if you died in a really hot location with a lot of hostile mobs or obstacles in survival, and when you revisit that area all your items are picked up and put in random locations in your inventory. Lots of time your weapons don't collect in your hotbar, and maybe the time it takes to find it and switch it is too long when you have 6 or 7 mobs chasing you. Would be really useful. 

    Heres a situation to consider though: pretend you have recollected every item from your last death and it all went into the selected places for it in your inventory. Maybe one item is missing from its appropriate slot and that slot is the only open slot in your inventory. When you go to pick up another item that doesn't fit into that slot that you pre-adjusted, how could you pick it up? Maybe a hotkey you can press while the crosshair is on the item entity on the ground that pretty much means "override the slot preference, I want to pick up this item on the ground"

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    LordOfKekz commented
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    Thanks for your comment!

    I meant for you to ALWAYS automatically pick up items. If there's no empty slot without a preference, and the item that you're attempting to pick up does not fit the slot, the preference should be ignored and overridden. Picking up items is prioritized if there's a conflict.


    ( I meant to say that in the first point of When to ignore a preference but I didn't mention that it was about picking up an item)

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    Great idea! Have you ever tried killing 10 zombies with a block of dirt?