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Make leads more reliable


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    Most frustrating thing about Minecraft are breaking Leads.

    Traveling overseas with horse on the lead can turn your game in to hell !

    Because leads are constantly breaking.


    Even if you travel on small speed it can break suddenly with no reason.

    And you have no idea is it still working or not.


    You have to take small steps, then turn back to check is our horse\lama still on the Lead. And repeat this algorithm again and again.

    Many times you find your Horse left far behind. So you must go back, dive in to the water to find broken Lead. And sometimes you can`t find it. It`s gone!


    Last time I had Lama and Mule loaded with tons of pressures loot (tropical wood, cacao beans, diamonds) followed me.

    First I lost Lama. Both leads had broke simultaneously. But I managed to find only one. After one game day I lost Mule too, because of same reason.

    This bug (or feature?) totally kills Horses and Lamas part of the game. You can use horses and Laman on your continent, but you should not take them with you overseas.


    To solve this I suggest:


    1) Leads must play warning sound when it about to break.

    2) When you have mob on the Lead, you should see status effect icon, showing which mob currently on the Lead, and how many mobs of that type.

    If you have one lama and two mules, two icons are shown: Lama icon with number 1, and Horse icon with number 2.

    3) Larger boats which can carry big mobs, such as Horses, Lamas, Mules (no Leads need at all)


    But I would prefer if Leads never break.