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Make Leaf Blocks Intangible


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    Iazon Paragon commented
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    My suggestion is to make leaf blocks only intangible to flying mobs while in a flying state: bats, parrots and phantoms.

    Mobs that are small enough or known to live in trees or bushes should treat them as scaffolding blocks.

    This could include: bats, ocelots, parrots, rabbits, foxes, chickens, spiders, cave spiders, chicken jockeys, phantoms, silverfish, endermites, spider jockeys, cats, pandas, vexes and killer bunnies. (And monkeys and meerkats if/when they are added). Leaf blocks should act like scaffolding for these mobs, as in they can walk through them and travel through them in any direction including up and down, as well as stand on them or in them.  Update these mobs ability to naturally spawn on/inside leaf blocks.

    I think everything else should still be stopped by leaf blocks including players.

    Bonus: When a player is flying in creative or with an elytra, they could act like flying mobs and leaf blocks would become intangible. But if they stop flying while in a leaf block, they could travel through them like scaffolding until they are not inside a leaf block.  Also, if the player (or any mob) drops to or jumps to a leaf block, they should sink into it, at which point the leaf block would be treated as scaffolding until the player/mob again exits the leaf block.