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Scarecrow Golem


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    Kani Xbox commented
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    Maybe instead of throwing snowballs they would throw eggs and they naturally spawn at village farms. They should only attack mobs that eat the crops instead of attacking every hostile mob.

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    sam rogge commented
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    I love this idea and I love that they have a sword I think this would be a great addition to minecraft

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    Aari Vee commented
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    Throw eggs AND have wooden sword

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    Hi M8 commented
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    this ide sound awsome!! like the scarecrow would be drawn to farm land never brecking crops and scaring away rabbit, foxes, chickens, parrots, bats and some other mobs silverfish maybe and would not deal much damge maybe half a heart and only be made to sacre things from farm land 

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    the animation could be so cool!

    i think that the scarecrow should  just protect your crops and scare the animals.

    and it could be a Great oportunity to add new types of jack-o-lanterns.

    i Hope this idea Gets votes.

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    Yeah I think if they're spawned in a village they should stay inside the village boundaries like the iron golem does