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Terracotta Golem


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    DarkComet742 commented
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    My idea is similar enough to put here.

    Terracotta Golems start off as Clay Golems, they are created with 1 clay block topped with a pumpkin, and are 1.5 blocks tall. They have 2 Hearts of health, and deal 3 damage per swing. When they catch fire, they morph into Terracotta Golems, which are basically the same as Clay Golems, but tougher. They have 5 Hearts of health, and deal 4 damage per swing. They are built in smaller villages (8 or less villagers) like your idea, but can have much greater numbers because of the smaller amount of materials required, closer to 8 terracotta golems per village

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    My idea is similar too, except that I think it should be clay instead of terracotta, because traditionally it's what golems are made of. I think they should be found in villages more frequently than iron golems, because it's probably easier to sculpt and we already know villagers use clay. They would hit less hard than iron golems but could have special abilities, for example, absorbing punches or changing shape (this could be useful for sneaking in small spaces and going through things like fences).