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Add Chalkboards into EDU toggle for Bedrock


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    Saw that this was already a suggested idea, so I'm gonna comment here and leave some thoughts.

    I think that the Chalkboard has potential to be a very useful mapmaker item. Currently, to display large messages visually, a Minecraft player has very few options. The first option is to make a large wall of wooden signs with very short, concise sentences. The character limit of a sign is very limited and makes it difficult to express long messages. As well, if the player makes one spelling error and wishes to correct it, they have to break the sign and start the message over, which is far from ideal.

    The second option is to use a written book with a lectern. While the written book eliminates the issue of a limited character limit, it must be interacted with in order to read the message within. Coupled with the need to flip through pages (Oh the horror!), these two issues make the lectern/book combo less than ideal for displaying a single idea on one solid slate.

    So why should the Chalkboard be added to Bedrock edition? There are a couple reasons that come to mind, which I will try my best to articulate. First off, I am aware that at one point, the Chalkboard was added (unintentionally) to pocket edition, where it had full functionality. This leads me to believe, albeit with my non-existent coding experience, that bringing the Chalkboard back would not be very difficult. The model, textures, and coding already exist on Education Edition, which runs on the Bedrock software. Bringing the Chalkboard over would add a new feature that players could look forward to with minimal effort from the Dev team (unless mistaken, all due respect to the devs, you guys rock!).

    Secondly, the Chalkboard can be edited by interacting with it, meaning that if the user makes an error in their message, they don't have to type it out all over again like they would with the sign. As an added bonus, players with WorldBuilder enabled can lock the Chalkboard so that messages can be permanently displayed without fear of random players erasing them.

    Finally, the most pertinent reason to add the Chalkboard is that it compensates for the limitations found with the signs and lecterns as described above. The large character limit, coupled with the always visible presentation makes it perfect for a number of uses, some of which include:


    *Public Message Boards

    *Server Rule List

    *Descriptions for Player Builds

    *Adventure Map Guidelines

    *Text Art

    *& More!

    The uses of this item are pretty flexible, meaning that players could find interesting and inventive ways to incorporate them into their worlds. 

    I hope that the developers read this comment and consider my thoughts on why the Chalkboard should be added to Minecraft. For anyone reading this that agrees, please upvote this suggestion and let's make this happen!

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    also portfolios