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A relationship between Cauldrons and Campfires


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    Moved to proper category.

    Thanks for your contribution.

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    Malloon Tarka commented
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    I'm not sure about the area of effect potion dispersing. I don't see what use it would have. A beacon (which does something similar) is only useful because of the large radius it has. I do like the idea of combining campfires with cauldrons, though.

    Any use should take into account that cauldrons are made of iron, though, and so are not going to be used before the player has settled down.

    I think the use should be one concerning potions, since I'm in favour of making cauldrons actually useful for making them. What, I don't know, though.

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    Some Animal commented
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    Perhaps potions would 'condense' when left in a cauldron over a campfire. The longer the potion is left there, the longer it will last?

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    PolarMammoth commented
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    What if cauldrons over a fire could be used to evaporate the potion but leave all/some of the potion ingredients behind, sort of like recycling potions? I’m sure many people make mistakes when making a potion and the ability to reverse a potion might be good.

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    HunterArrow17 commented
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    Maybe they could replace making stews and soups with crafting tables and use campfires and cauldrons instead.