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Wandering Trader Maps


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    I agree, though personally I think they should sell different kinds of maps than cartographers, so they're both useful.
    Maybe maps to the nearest villages, or even nearest biomes, as there's no way to locate a particular biome in survival, without lucky exploration.

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    Matt D commented

    Maybe dungeons and/or Strongholds

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    ReedyPoet819 commented

    They should trade locater maps to all sorts of places. Can someone please check out my use for the enderdragon egg? My large paragragh has all the conditions!

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    I like that idea. I find the traders don't offer a lot of interesting items a lot of the time, and I would really like to be able to buy maps.

    Further, when the trader despawns, he leaves his llamas behind, and they just linger around, meaning if I spend a few hours at my fort, I easily end up with a dozen llamas making noise and climbing around on rooftops, this is really annoying, and I wish they would despawn with him.

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    I agree, also biomes like Mushroom islands (which i have literally never seen on java edition before)