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Vulkan for rendering instead of OpenGL


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    Valiant7000 commented
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    The Java Edition rendering engine is garbage, and only got worse with 1.14. I'm beginning to think Microsoft is trying to kill Java edition slowly to try to get everyone to move to their more monetized Bedrock edition.

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    The fact is, Vulkan rendering is possible in Minecraft. (Reference here)

    However, many people who play minecraft (My sisters included) have computers that don't support Vulkan.

    OpenGL is a powerful (If bloated) graphics library, the problem is bad rendering code and as of 1.15 Minecraft only uses OpenGL version 2.0 when 3.0 is actually older than Minecraft itself.

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    yanek2205 commented
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    It could be a second backend that would coexist with the OpenGL one. Also it might be a good idea to use more modern OpenGL.

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    I agree with this - Vulkan needs to be an available, officially supported option for players.

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    KairusDSeeker commented
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    I don't think this will be possible unless they decided to make a new edition of Minecraft with it or they'd just use DirectX 12 instead. Adding Vulkan support on the current java edition will just increase the game's size and players with entry-level pc's won't be able to play anymore and will also lead to war I guess also the effort it took for Mojang to rewrite Minecraft just for Bedrock Edition took years

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    franiscoder commented
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    Update: yeah it's possible to do it without rewriting Minecraft.

    Rendering in 1.15 got abstracted away from the code itself and to be ready into Blaze3d, which is the rendering engine which minecraft will use.


    My theory is that they will make different implementations of Blaze3D to be able to be used so that the user can use the best and fastest library once they make a Vulkan implementation. 

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    MaxTheVin commented
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    Minecraft is running horrible on macOS!

    With Vulkan and MoltenVK it would run really fast!

    Minecraft bedrock is not an alternative!


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    ILUFan YT commented
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    I saw this somewhere, I think it was on reddit, but, if Mojang wanted to replace OpenGL, that would mean redo the entire code of the game. I also think that Terrain Generation does not have anything to do with OpenGL, since even if you have 12-24 Gb of ram for Minecraft, it is not going to get even close to what Bedrock can do. So, I only see Mojang needing to switch from OpenGL to, let's say, Vulkan, so we could have True Real Time RAY-Tracing, and RTX Acceleration. And, I don't see that many people wanting it (This is probably due to the fact that everyone thinks SEUS PTGI and Continuum RT are Ray Tracing Shaders, but they are not. They are Global Illumination. So, it won't get even close to what Bedrock RTX can do. Because of all of this, Mojang is probably not going to put the effort to change the rendering engine anytime soon, because not that many people want that to happen.

    This is my theory