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Allow shift-clicking items into crafting table


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    avari six commented
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    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, Please.

    I think most players in the game end up having to craft stacks upon stacks of slabs (any kind - wood, stone, cobblestone, stone brick, etc) at some point. This saves having to search through the recipe book when you could just Shift+(click,click,click) three stacks of the material into the first three slots.

    Also, there are a lot of recipes that only have one ingredient - uncrafting any of the storage block types (iron, redstone, coal, bone, etc), crafting flowers into dye, bones into bonemeal - that would benefit from this.

    There are also many other recipes you can make or get close approximations of by shift-clicking each ingredient in turn, and then doing a quick stack-split or click-move-click maneuver to get the actual recipe.

    Even when making something like a single piston, you could get a benefit by shift-clicking >=1 iron, >=4 cobblestone, >=3 planks, and >=1 redstone into the grid, and then appropriately rearranging them and click-dragging all within the 3x3 grid, so you don't have to keep going back and forth between searching through your inventory for the next item and placing the ingredients in the crafting grid (e.g. oh wait, which slot is the iron in?, etc). In a sense, the player would be able to use a more efficient algorithm:

    1. Move all materials required for recipe into the grid by shift-clicking.
    2. Move mouse to the crafting grid.
    3. Rearrange all the items into the desired shape.

    instead of:

    1. Find next item needed for the recipe.
    2. Move item into correct slot(s) of the 3x3 crafting grid.
    3. If the recipe is finished, quit here.
    4. Move the mouse back to the player's inventory.
    5. Go to step 1.


    Also, for me this is mainly for the 3x3 crafting grid. For the 2x2 crafting grid in the player's inventory, I don't mind if that remains inconvenient, since making that shift-clickable that would override the ability to shift-click to and from the hotbar.

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    I'm assuming the mechanics would behave the same as a chest? (without the storage aspect of course). You have my vote.

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    avari six commented
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    This has been added in 1.15! Woohooo!