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Quartz Block to Nether Quartz


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    Lisa Schwartz commented
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    Exactly! I feel like nether quartz has two key uses- architecture and redstone contraptions. However, architecture must use it in block form, and redstone machinery needs it in ore form. I find that it's very inconvenient to not be able to store the quartz in block form, since it can't be converted back. 

    Additionally, it's considered an ore, and every other ore in the game (coal, iron, redstone, gold, emeralds, lapis, and diamonds) can be stored as blocks then converted back into ore form.

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    Nobe2012 commented
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    I thought that this feature was already in the game, and so I turned all of my quartz into blocks. Now that I need regular nether quartz, I can’t use any of it because it’s all in block form.

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    Istri1 commented
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    I would support this even if you only got one quartz per block of quartz.

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    u8iuui11 commented
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    Mojang seems to not like doing storage blocks for some reason. Even recently with 1.15, the honeycomb blocks are able to be made with 4 honeycombs but isn't able to be turned back into 4 honeycombs even though in real life you could rip apart a honeycomb into smaller pieces with your bare hands. Maybe because quartz and honeycomb blocks only take 4 items to make? But then you have the Nether Wart Block which takes 9 items to make and still isn't able to be turned back into items, even though it's a farmable item just like wheat, and Hay Bales can be turned back into wheat but Nether Wart Blocks can't be turned back into Nether Warts. It makes no sense. You'd think all farmable items that can be turned into blocks would be able to act as storage blocks. Nope. You'd think Nether Quartz, the second most abundent ore in the game, would be able to be turned into a storage block, especially since every single other ore can. Nope. There's no consistency. The thing is, it wouldn't even be that hard to implement either, an amateur mod maker could add it in under an hour. Why do they not do it then? No idea.

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    Arennovas commented
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    Ugh, I'd love for this to be added in. I was just about to go and make some stuff using quartz but I just so happened to craft all of my quartz into 32 blocks of quartz earlier, making them all useless to me at the moment...

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    McTigerFox commented
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    yes use redstone users would love this as SOME of use like to make massive farms using observers. not everyone has access to shulkers you know

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    In one of my big mods, I added onyx, an end equivalent of quartz, it can be crafted back to onyx on a stone cutter and the same applies to quartz. It also works with various redstone and the cobbles can be replaced with any stone from vanilla, and my mod and even other mods.