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The Addition of Beta Terrain as a World Type


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    Gringito123 commented
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    How about just make different updates part of the world generation settings. This would satisfy all of the complaints that minecraft is getting to complicated. Bug fixes (except ones that remove features of past updates, like old slime block flying machines) should be included in all world types. 

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    I love this idea, especially since we've passed the 10-year anniversary of the game and a little throwback would be nice. The Beta 1.8 Adventure Update, to me, made the worlds boring and largely ununique, so I know that I would frequently play on a world generated like the ones I used to play on back in 2010-2011.


    Though, I do think it would be neat if they could implement the Farlands as the world border instead of the barrier blocks, just as a nice callback.

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    DarkComet742 commented
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    This would be so nice. I love the pre1.8 biomes and I really want to see them modernize it. I don't always want mountains in the dull green biome, I want wooded cliffs in the lush green rainforest again. Please bring it back.

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    Miss the old terrain and I think that this would be a great way of letting players who missed out experience it as well as letting us veterans relive the glory days.

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    There are mods that do this, and up until they removed custom worlds (which I'm kind of annoyed they havn't gotten around to re adding them yet, it's been years) you could replicate the old terrain


    It's safe to say that this is something people want, and I see no reason not to

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    Qxnten commented
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    It would be nice if it would have all the new biomes and structures from later versions, but with the wacky generation of the Beta days.
    The mod Beta+ is very good at doing that.