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The Fair Forest


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    Ryth0End commented
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    This would be incredibly cool to see in vanilla Minecraft! And maybe new types of villages populated by, say, Orcs or Dwarves that sell new armors and weapons. like Hardwood bows that are more durable and do more damage than the vanilla bow. Or maybe add wooden armor made from oak logs or tree bark.

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    Waveburn OG commented
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    I think it would be cool to have the dwarves live underground and have huge forges and rooms underground the dwarves would craft special weapons from that special forge.

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    ThePizzaMill commented
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    They did a bit of this when they showed the new Forest biome in the nether. It's okay, but the game really needs a fourth dimension for the players that keep playing

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    A Gallipot commented
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    I think this content should be placed in the root forest. There's already some magical energy there that causes giant mushrooms to grow these.