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Nerf Iron farms - Replace with Pillager farms


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    AzaanDeen3473 commented
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    That sounds like a much better idea, than nurfing golem farms, without an alternative.

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    Some Animal commented
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    Thank you please. Super needed for me. I am a type of minecrafter who playes without killing friendly mobs, but need vast quantities of iron as a technical man, so am caught in my morale dilemma. With this I will be able to play this sandbox game much better.

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    OR, have villagers sell Iron, and the Pillagers drop emeralds still.

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    Catcadev commented
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    I think both this and some other sources of iron are quite warranted. Iron is a very important resource, especially for me as I'm a casual player who relies heavily on iron for many purposes, especially tools. Villager trading for ores could be another new source, along with this.