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When you are making your redstone suggestions, please note that Java and Bedrock will not have the exact same the same redstone systems - this would require redoing redstone system completely on one platform or the other. The two systems are functionally different and are going to stay that way. Please be sure to tag your suggestions with (Java) or (Bedrock).


Redstone over far distances


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    Your asking Mojang to rewrite the whole of the games code so that you can make a mail system? Yes, I would love my contraptions to be active even when I’m not near them, too. However, if every chunk with redstone in it was loaded all the time, the game would be extremely laggy for multiplayer servers.

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    creepakilla24O1 has a point, but so does the OP.

    Many redstone contraptions break down if you willfully or accidentally move away. The simplest example would be a repeater clock, which usually powers or depowers itself permanently. Things like that do not happen in the Java edition - although I'm not sure, what's their solution - but it'd be appreciated if implemented similarly.

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